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C SAFE is a uterine safety scalp which helps reduce the risk of fetal laceration posed by traditional scalpels.


MityHook is specially designed for use in atraumatic amniotic membrane rupture. The ergonomically designed shaft facilitates placement while minimizing the risk to the fetus and mother.


MityOne is a simple, completely disposable, one-piece vacuum-assisted delivery system. Available in the low-profile M-Style Mushroom Cup and MitySoft Bell Cup, both designs feature a freely rotating handle and semi-rigid

Mityvac Vacuum Assisted Delivery

Mityvac Vacuum Assisted Delivery is a two-piece system comprised of a handheld reusable pump and your choice of different disposable cup options, to help facilitate vacuum delivery for occiput anterior,

OB/Mobius C-Section Retractor

The OB/Mobius C-Section Retractor self-retaining retractor provides 360° circumferential retraction while the malleable outer ring molds to the patient’s abdomen to provide a secure, low-profile exposure.