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Hoyte Sacro Tips

The Hoyte Sacro Tips, used in conjunction with the Advincula Arch® Handle, supply constant tension that facilitates minimized tissue migration during mesh attachment in vaginal prolapse repair procedure.

Advincula Delineator™

Exceptional strength and performance in an easy-to-use disposable uterine manipulator. The Advincula Delineator™ is designed for TLH, LSH and LAVH procedures.

Advincula Arch

Advincula Arch is ideal for physicians who prefer the simple and lightweight design of a disposable uterine manipulator but would like additional strength. The radial design permits easy insertion from

RUMI® II System

The RUMI® II System provides highly effective, safer uterine manipulation for any laparoscopic or robotic pelvic surgery. Surgeons will experience superior exposure and control of the uterus, and greater access

Kronner Manipujector

The disposable Kronner Manipujector design provides maximum operator convenience and minimal uterine trauma. It is highly versatile and can be used for laparoscopic procedures, tubal sterilization, fertility studies and minilaparotomy.