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The First Philippine NeuroTrauma Boot Camp

The First Philippine NeuroTrauma Boot Camp

Aljeron Team goes to Zamboanga to join the very first Philippine NeutroTrauma Boot Camp. We invited a speaker who flew all the way from Israel to talk about the highly innovative portable screening device, Infrascanner 2000, which uses Near-Infrared (NIR) technology to screen patients for intracranial bleeding, identifying those who would most benefit from immediate referral to a CT scan and neurosurgical intervention.

The Infrascanner: A Breakthrough in Healthcare Technology

The Infrascanner, developed by InfraScan, Inc., is a handheld device that utilizes Near-Infrared (NIR) technology to assess the presence of intracranial bleeding. NIR technology has been used for various medical applications, and the Infrascanner takes this technology to new heights by enabling rapid and non-invasive screening of patients.

Impact on Healthcare

The Infrascanner’s introduction into healthcare has the potential to transform the management of intracranial bleeding cases. By swiftly identifying patients at risk, medical professionals can prioritize immediate care and, consequently, improve patient outcomes. The device’s portability and ease of use also make it a valuable asset in resource-limited settings and during emergency situations.

Our Takeaway

Our dedicated team was enthusiastic to share this highly innovative product with the people of Mindanao in the hopes of spreading the word even in remote areas where a product like this is essential. This remarkable device underscores the importance of investing in cutting-edge technology to address critical healthcare challenges and heralds a brighter future for patients in need of urgent medical attention.